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Explore Montana from the Best Butte Hotels

From its heyday as a copper mining mecca to its current status to view the natural world in its rawest state, with impressive mountain vistas and wide-open spaces, Butte offers abundant outdoor recreation amid the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

A mining town with a deep and fascinating history, Butte was once home to one of the most productive copper mines in the world. For decades, this mine provided jobs for thousands of people and produced vast amounts of wealth for its owners. The legacy of this industry can still be seen all throughout Butte today, from towering smokestacks to historic homes built by miners who struck it rich.

Butte was an industrial powerhouse until the 1920s, when advancements in technology allowed for more efficient extraction methods at other sites around the country. Despite this shift away from copper mining, Butte remained an important hub for manufacturing, transportation, and other industries thanks to its strategic location along major rail lines.

When it comes to photo ops, Butte has plenty. Be sure to stop and marvel at Our Lady of the Rockies, a 90-foot-tall statue that overlooks the city from atop the Continental Divide and pays homage to all mothers around the world.

Conveniently located near the best Butte hotels, be sure to visit the Granite Mountain Memorial Overlook. Paying homage to 168 lives lost in the 1917 Speculator Fire, the tragedy shocked the town of Butte and has been remembered ever since. Overlooking the mountain where it occurred, visitors can take in stunning views while also paying tribute to those brave miners who lost their lives in 1917. Located just 10 miles outside of Butte, this overlook is accessible year-round.

Revisit the Gilded Age from the Top Butte Hotels

For a glimpse into Butte’s history, visit the World Museum of Mining, which is conveniently located near the top Butte hotels. Dedicated to preserving the history and culture of mining in Butte, it features over 50 historic buildings and exhibits on topics such as copper mining and smelting, hard rock mining, labor unions, immigrant experience, natural disasters, and more.

A stroll through Butte’s historic Uptown District echoes the past. The city has preserved much of its mining history, evident in the dozens of old buildings from the era when copper mining was king. Be sure to visit the Copper King Mansion, once owned by William Andrews Clark, one of Butte’s three Copper Kings—a titan of industry who made his fortune in Butte—now serves as a museum dedicated to educating visitors about Butte’s rich mining past and how it’s shaped the city today.

Discover the Richest Hill on Earth from Butte Hotels

Aside from its rich industrial history, Butte is a relic of the outdoors that was once known as the “Richest Hill on Earth.” Surrounded by stunning wide-open spaces, check out a plethora of hiking and biking trails for panoramic views of the city, take a tour of an old mine, or head down to Rock Creek for some trout fishing. You can also visit nearby Georgetown Lake for an even larger selection of fish.

Whether you’re downtown exploring the Butte of yesteryear, touring the world's largest copper mining operations, or discovering hidden gems tucked away inside century-old storefronts, there’s something here for everyone. Book your stay at Butte hotels today.

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