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Hilton Nagoya

In Place 3-3

Dining and drinks

Cafe 3-3 Artisan Sweets&Bakery

For casual meetings, appointments and other everyday events, come and enjoy fresh coffee brewed by our baristas with exquisite artisan cakes and pastries baked daily by our in house bakery.


Enjoy the feng shui-designed surroundings as you choose from up to 30 Cantonese dishes at the Hilton Nagoya hotel. Savor Chinese wine or tea at this Nagoya restaurant, which mixes ancient and modern styles. At weekends, try the Taste of Dynasty, where a range of dishes are served piping hot from the oven.


Marvel at the glass decorations lining the entrance hall to this expansive Nagoya restaurant, inspired by the famous tale of Genji. Savor Japanese cuisine from the menu or tempura and teppanyaki from individual counters. Try a glass of wine from the cellar, with over 100 sakes and shochus.

Hideaway 3-3

Western cities without exception have bars that offer a refined place for guests to escape business and society. This is a space for that type of comfort in Nagoya.

In Place 3-3

Offering carefully selected fresh ingredients, our premium buffet restaurant In Place 3-3 has an air of both luxury and artistry. The open urban space, created by an internationally famous designer, lets you feel the power of nature and provides a premium culinary experience.