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El Conquistador Tucson, A Hilton Resort

Meeting Ballroom
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Meetings and events

We're the only IACC-approved conference center in Southern Arizona, with 100,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor meeting space. We have two 11,000 square foot ballrooms and an Executive Conference Center of the same size.

  • Total event space
    54,870sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    11,900sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

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Capacity Chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.
Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Turquoise BallroomSquare Feet: 11,900840--17008001200-
Presidio BallroomSquare Feet: 11,520900--13008001350-
Turquoise II/IIISquare Feet: 8,500550100-800500780120
Presidio I, II, III & IVSquare Feet: 7,680560150-800600800200
Presidio III, IV & VSquare Feet: 7,680560150-800600800200
Turquoise I/IISquare Feet: 6,800380100-500400600120
Turquoise IIISquare Feet: 5,10033085-700320500100
Presidio I & IISquare Feet: 3,84020070-35023040072
Presidio I & IVSquare Feet: 3,84020070-35023040072
Presidio II & IIISquare Feet: 3,84020070-35023040072
Presidio III & IVSquare Feet: 3,84020070-35023040072
Presidio VSquare Feet: 3,84020070-35023040072
Turquoise ISquare Feet: 3,40020080-45022031090
Turquoise IISquare Feet: 3,40020080-45022031090
Coronado BallroomSquare Feet: 3,312180--250200300-
Last TerritorySquare Feet: 3,081150--200---
Coronado ISquare Feet: 2,30010050-15011019040
Presidio ISquare Feet: 1,9207045-15010018045
Presidio IISquare Feet: 1,9207045-15010018045
Presidio IIISquare Feet: 1,9207045-15010018045
Presidio IVSquare Feet: 1,9207045-15010018045
Catalina RoomSquare Feet: 1,880803242100708036
White DoveSquare Feet: 1,4828030-1007510030
Agave BallroomSquare Feet: 1,47210040-15010014050
Joshua TreeSquare Feet: 1,47210040-15010014050
Rincon RoomSquare Feet: 1,29532242850567026
Santa RitaSquare Feet: 1,29532242850567026
Sonoran RoomSquare Feet: 1,29532242850567026
Tortolita RoomSquare Feet: 1,29532242850567026
Oro Valley RoomSquare Feet: 1,09240323660468032
Coronado IISquare Feet: 1,0126030-75509030
Tucson RoomSquare Feet: 92430323640286332
Palo VerdeSquare Feet: 7825030-60407030
Joshua Tree ISquare Feet: 7364024-60406024
Joshua Tree IISquare Feet: 7364024-60406024
Agave IISquare Feet: 5123020-40155022
Agave ISquare Feet: 4803020-40245022
Agave IIISquare Feet: 4803020-40155022
Palo Verde IISquare Feet: 4593015-40254016
MesquiteSquare Feet: 4253015-40203515
Palo Verde ISquare Feet: 3232010-30203012
El Conquistador Board RoomSquare Feet: 864-16-----
Turquoise FoyerSquare Feet: 4,032---400---
Presidio FoyerSquare Feet: 3,140---700---
WranglersSquare Feet: 1,444---75---
Coronado FoyerSquare Feet: 868---75---