Boutique Hotels in Guadalajara, Mexico

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Explore the Best of Central Mexico from Guadalajara Boutique Hotels

Known as the “city of eternal spring”, Guadalajara is the capital city of the state of Jalisco and host to many unique boutique hotels. Home to tequila, mariachi, the national sport charrería (think rodeo) and the national dance jarabe tapatío. It’s a major art hub, in particular ceramics, for which Mexico is renowned.

Explore colonial history from the best Guadalajara boutique hotels

If you find yourself staying at one of the many boutique hotels in Guadalajara, the Cathedral of Guadalajara is an 18th-century Roman Catholic cathedral at the seat of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Guadalajara and well worth a visit. With a Latin cross layout with three naves, the interior includes Gothic vaults, massive Tuscan-style gold-leaf pillars and 11 richly decorated altars that were given to Guadalajara by King Fernando VII of Spain (1814-33). Perhaps the most famous artifact within the cathedral is located at the north entrance. A petite glass case contains the mummified corpse of the martyred Santa Inocencia. Legend has it that the girl was stabbed to death by her father nearly 300 years ago while taking communion, in one of the first persecutions against the Catholic faith. The child is said to be an active ghost within the cathedral, even blinking at tourists from time to time.

Just one hour west of Guadalajara hotels are the Guachimontones pyramids. Built sometime between 300 BC and 300 AD in the Valley of Teuchitlán, these structures are some of the oldest Mesoamerican monumental architecture in the country. With a distinctive round step pyramid shape, it’s believed many ritualistic sacrifices were made here.

Taste Mexican Spirits from the Top Boutique Hotels in Guadalajara

Known for its production of the famous spirit, the town of Tequila is an hour’s drive from Guadalajara. With several distilleries as well as the Museo Nacional del Tequila, you can learn the history of how tequila came to be, its many manifestations in cocktails and the importance of preserving the blue agave plant. Tour some of the agave fields and see how tequila is harvested the traditional way! Much like the exclusivity factor of champagne having to be from Champagne, France, tequila is not tequila without hailing from this famous region in Jalisco. Also be sure to tour the oldest distillery in the region, the La Rojeña, where José Cuervo is produced the next time you stay at a boutique hotel in Guadalajara.

While there, be sure to try the famous drink in the town for which it is named—and you’ll find locals don’t take a shot of it. Instead, order a Batanga. A mixed drink of Coca-cola, lime and tequila, bartenders infuse this cocktail with jalapeño and avocado.

Experience Traditional Mexican Dance from Guadalajara’s Best Boutique Hotels

Traditional culture is bursting from the seams and must be experienced when staying at one of the many boutique hotels in Guadalajara. Recognized by UNESCO, the Danza de los Voladores is a ceremonial Mesoamerican dance that involves flying dancers. To contest a massive drought, five natives dressed as birdmen, while one stood atop the pole and played the flute. The other four launched themselves by their ankles and spun around the pole to “fly” representing the creation of life and demonstrating their devotion to the gods in the hopes of bringing rain. Discover this and more on your trip to Guadalajara.

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