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How To pack for an All-Inclusive vacation with kids

Your flights are organized. The hotel rooms are booked. You even know what book you plan to read while traveling. The hard part is done, and you’re all set to head off on the all-inclusive vacation of your dreams. There’s just one thing left to do: pack for your kids. Well, and yourself — but we’ll cover that later. | By Corritta Lewis | April 27, 2022


Sun protection is always a priority, so when packing for kids, rashguards are the way to go — especially if you are heading to a warm destination. Plus, rashguards reduce the amount of sunscreen needed, which helps the environment by not being absorbed into the ocean (if you’re headed on a beach vacation, that is). Keeping your kids protected from the sun, while also doing your part to help the environment is always a win-win.

Snacks, snacks…and more snacks

Staying at an all-inclusive resort with kids makes life easier because you don’t have to go far for food. We know hunger can strike at any minute with little ones, so having a few snacks on hand is key when traveling with kids. Easy options like granola bars or dry cereal — even oatmeal can go a long way to getting your kids through the time between when they wake up and breakfast.

Insulated water bottle

While hydration is always important, this is especially true when you’re spending your days out and about in a warm location. Packing an insulated water bottle helps ensure your kids drink fluids in-between crafting sessions and rides down the on-property waterslides. Traveling with a group? Label each bottle with the child’s respective names, so there is no confusion.

Water shoes

Whether you are heading to the beach or just relaxing at the resort, it’s likely your all-inclusive vacation will include some time at the pool. Skip the flip-flops and use water shoes. They protect your kids’ feet from the sun, can be worn while playing and are much more comfortable. Plus, since they’re multi-functional, you’ll have more space for other things in your bag.

First aid kit

Life is unpredictable, so always pack a first aid kit with a thermometer, bandages, ibuprofen, a fever reducer, nausea medication, aloe vera and any other prescription medication. Your hotel will have access to these items if you forget them, but it never hurts to have the basics on-hand in the event you or your kids aren’t feeling well.

Games & entertainment

The beauty of staying at an all-inclusive resort is that entertainment options are built into your stay. However, there are times when your child might want some quiet time away from the crowds. For days like that, pack cards and a few portable travel games and enjoy the family downtime.

Reusable bags

Reusable bags are a parent’s dream. Use them to store wet clothes after leaving the pool, keep dirty clothes separated or even store snacks — the possibilities are endless. Honestly, they can be used for anything, are a great way to be eco-friendly while traveling and are also easy to clean. Simply wash, air-dry and you’re all set. Take your packing prowess a step further by making one of your reusable bag options a canvas tote — it’s the easiest way to carry whatever you and your kids might need for the day while on vacation.

Bug spray

Vacationing in tropical destinations usually requires some form of bug spray. Mosquitoes don’t just attack at night. They are around all day, so be sure to check before leaving the room each day and reapply throughout the day.

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Where to go next

Now that your packing list is sorted, you can turn your attention to more fun topics — like where to go on your NEXT all-inclusive vacation with kids! After all, you need to think about something on the flight home. What better way to hold onto all that wonderful relaxation and poolside bliss than with thoughts of your next dream getaway at an all-inclusive resort? Consider:

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