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Experience world-class reef fishing, fly-fishing and deep-sea fishing in Nassau, Bahamas

The laid-back lifestyle of the Caribbean gives way to adventure on the high seas. By Jeremiah Crossing | July 23, 2021 (Updated March 20, 2022)

The Bahama Islands may be known for their beautiful beaches and laid-back vibes, but nothing compares to the adrenaline you'll feel while fishing in the Caribbean. Whether you want to drop a line right offshore or are looking for a quintessential deep-sea fishing expedition, Nassau has it all. Here are three types of fishing charters that lead to lifelong memories:

  • Off the hook: Troll ancient reefs for barracudas with a deep-sea reef fishing trip

  • On the fly: Catch an elusive "silver ghost" bonefish on a fly-fishing charter expedition

  • Rolling in the deep: Venture farther offshore in search of the white marlin on a deep-sea fishing expedition

Offshore reef fishing

Offshore fishing charters are ideal whether you want a busy day of catching fish on a boat or a laid-back family angling experience in the Bahamas. Spend a day trolling shallow waters and ancient reefs for barracudas or bottom-fishing for snapper.

Explore the reefs

On some trips, you may be able to snorkel or swim between catches. If you'd like to experience the sea from above and below, speak with your charter company.

While you may not want to eat the barracuda you catch, snapper makes for a delicious dinner. Bring along an ice chest and pack your catch after your charter cleans the fish for you. There are several restaurants in the Bahamas that will cook your catch for you. As the sun sets, unwind beachside as your well-earned dinner is grilled and paired with authentic Bahamian delights.

Ghosts of the Flats

Bonefish are nicknamed “silver ghosts” for their speed and stealth. These gray fish are some of the most sought-after offshore fishing species in the Bahama Islands.

Fly-Fishing and Bonefishing

When it comes to fishing in the Bahamas, many people only think of Nassau's renowned reef excursions. What you may not realize is the Bahama Islands are also a hot spot for fly-fishing and bonefishing. Bonefish are native here, and you'll find some of the most renowned fishing flats in the world. Bonefish (nicknamed "silver ghosts") and tarpon lurk in the shallows just offshore. These stealthy creatures are a challenge to catch. Fortunately, fishing charter companies offer local experts who can help you plan to outwit the fish.

The Ultimate Catch

Deep-sea fishing trips that allow you to catch blue marlin — which you’ll spot on the official seal of the Bahamas — are available.

Caribbean Deep-Sea Fishing

In Nassau, deep-sea fishing is legendary. Whether you're an experienced angler or you're planning your first expedition, your charter company can help you find your sea legs. Aboard your boat, you'll travel a mile or more offshore to the underwater shelf where the shallower waters drop off and the bigger fish swim. Toss in a line and troll at a speed determined by the species of migratory fish you’re trying to ensnare. Treasured catches include large fish like mahi-mahi, wahoo and yellowfin tuna.

In the Bahamas deep-sea fishing, reef- and fly-fishing are age-old, world-class inspiring traditions. Let the crystal-blue waters of the Caribbean and soothing rhythms of your boat welcome you to a community of anglers, as you discover your next adventure and the lifelong memories that will ensue.

Go Fish

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