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Whether you need a team-building activity with a give-back component, a group exercise suitable for all body types, or a fresh take on an afternoon break, Meet With Purpose inspires. Our packages reduce food waste, incorporate environmentally friendly solutions, support a local nonprofit, and meet corporate social responsibility goals.
Designed to delight attendees and elevate the meeting experience, Meet with Purpose offers planners turn-key packages that leave a lasting impression on guests and a positive impact on the community.

Our Packages

Available in most full service hotels, visit our catalog of packages for your next event. Ask your Hilton catering or event manager for details to get started.
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Meet With Purpose Makes a Difference

Look at the impact event planners have made on communities worldwide through Meet With Purpose:
Hygiene Kits MadeMeals PackedSocks Donated
Bouquets ArrangedDogs Adopted

Resolve to Meet With Purpose

In a time when the world feels more connected and hopeful for the future, we are working to expand and invigorate our Meet With Purpose program for a new age with an even greater focus on environmental responsibility and global travel impact. We look forward to introducing you to new Meet with Purpose offerings in 2022.

To book this offer please contact one of the participating hotels, your Hilton Worldwide Sale Representative, or call 1-800-321-3232.