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Hilton Austin

Governor's Ballroom
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Meetings and events

We are home to 41 flexible event spaces, including The Reverbery, a recording studio-inspired venue that celebrates Austin’s music history. Our team will oversee all the details, from the setup of your meeting room to audio visual equipment, and catering menu selections.

  • Total event space
    112,183sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    25,545sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Austin Grand BallroomSquare Feet: 25,5451760--285117283410-
Salon F-HSquare Feet: 17,2921210--192811041980-
Salon H-KSquare Feet: 17,2921210--192811041980-
Governor's BallroomSquare Feet: 15,5821080--173410262000-
Salon A-CSquare Feet: 10,494720--11736841056-
Salon C-ESquare Feet: 10,494720--11736841050-
Salon HSquare Feet: 8,908550--10005521023-
Salon F-GSquare Feet: 8,253550--930504928-
Salon J-KSquare Feet: 8,253550--930504928-
Salon CSquare Feet: 5,512320--612324504-
Salon A-BSquare Feet: 4,982320--560270506-
Salon D-ESquare Feet: 4,982320--560270506-
Salon GSquare Feet: 4,410300489049525252775
Salon JSquare Feet: 4,410300489049525252775
Salon FSquare Feet: 3,843250488443423140666
Salon KSquare Feet: 3,843250488443423140666
Salon ASquare Feet: 2,491160366028012025251
Salon BSquare Feet: 2,491160366028012025251
Salon DSquare Feet: 2,491160366028012025251
Salon ESquare Feet: 2,491160366028012025251
Meeting Rooms 400 & 402Square Feet: 2,232120545415014426948
Meeting Room 406Square Feet: 2,06812040582149618045
Meeting Room 408Square Feet: 1,6289030481768414439
Meeting Room 400Square Feet: 1,5508042481729018248
Meeting Room 410Square Feet: 1,5409030481708414439
Meeting Room 412Square Feet: 1,4969030481708414439
Meeting Room 616Square Feet: 1,4569046541468715448
Meeting Room 415Square Feet: 1,4318046481629013042
Meeting Room 615Square Feet: 1,3778046481338113042
Meeting Room 404Square Feet: 1,2546024361295411233
Meeting Room 416Square Feet: 1,2428040421278112042
Meeting Room 602Square Feet: 1,155602430125549827
Meeting Room 417Square Feet: 1,0808042421206013042
Meeting Room 616ASquare Feet: 72840222473367021
Meeting Room 616BSquare Feet: 72840222473457021
Meeting Room 414Square Feet: 70240222478277021
Meeting Room 415ASquare Feet: 70240222481367721
Meeting Room 415BSquare Feet: 70240222480367721
Meeting Room 615BSquare Feet: 70240222467366618
Meeting Room 416BSquare Feet: 67540182468367218
Meeting Room 615ASquare Feet: 67540222467366621
Meeting Room 402Square Feet: 65140182875307024
Meeting Room 614Square Feet: 63830181872305621
Meeting Room 617Square Feet: 59840182264244918
Meeting Room 416ASquare Feet: 56740222469245018
Meeting Room 417ASquare Feet: 54040222450306018
Meeting Room 417BSquare Feet: 54020181854245518
Meeting Room 619Square Feet: 52230181862305315
The Bat Cave Private Dining RoomSquare Feet: 50430------
Board Room 403Square Feet: 47620161850244818
Agave Hideaway Private Dining RoomSquare Feet: 28510------
Meeting Room 418Square Feet: 240106-10612-
Meeting Room 618Square Feet: 198106-20612-
Board Room 401Square Feet: 459-12-12-12-
Meeting Room 613Square Feet: 323-12-361224-
Austin Grand Ballroom PrefunctionSquare Feet: 15,300---1550-140-
Governor's Ballroom Pre-FunctionSquare Feet: 13,668---1375---
The ReverberySquare Feet: 3,478---152---
Topgolf Swing Suite Party PackageSquare Feet: 1,260---80---
Meeting Room 612Square Feet: 288---25---


Featuring indoor and outdoor spaces, a chic music-themed event space, and the largest ballroom in Austin, our hotel suits weddings of all styles. Dedicated wedding planners will guide you through a range of packages, including customized catering ( helmed by award-winning chefs.

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The Reverbery

Serving as both a business space and event lounge, the Reverbery pays homage to Austin's iconic recording history. Flow freely between indoor and outdoor areas, and enjoy a diverse range of innovative cuisines.

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Topgolf Swing Suite

Introducing downtown's first Topgolf Swing Suite, the most advanced golf and interactive gaming simulator [available to rent.]( The suite features virtual games paired with lounge seating and delicious food and drinks.

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topgolf suite
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