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Our signature restaurant offers an inspired dining experience steeped in the heritage and diversity of Mexico. Enjoy curated dishes like smoked Pacific oysters, crispy soft-shell crab, and steamed lamb barbeque complemented by local herbs and produce from nearby San José del Valle.


Daily: 6 pm – 11 pm


Hours are subject to change. Please confirm with concierge.

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Oysters Cïrïpu

Fresh Nayarit oysters, tlayuda and onion ashes aguachile sauce, sea asparagus, sea urchin foam, fried skin pork
Cilantro ash, Pepper Leaf, Wormseed

Tuna Taaxáriya

Fresh yellowfin tuna, handmade corn tlayuda chips, wild herbs mousse, sea asparagus, artisan chorizo sauce
Porophyllum Linaria

Orchard Yuavxme

Puffed tortilla stuffed with mushrooms, chipotle sauce 'tinga', scarlet bean purée, organic lettuce, lemon cream, regional goat cheese
Wormseed, Coriandrum Sativum

Pork Belly 'Imá

Confit pork belly taco, homemade chile ancho tortilla, wild green cilantro, pickled serrano chile, chicatana ants, avocado sauce
Porophyllum Ruderale, Portulaca Oleracea

Corn Pocket Súira

Corn dough pocket, fresh local requeson cheese with epazote herb, cured organic egg yolk zest, wild green quelites leaves, fermented and charred huitlacoche corn sauce

Tomatoes Salad Xayuqui

Seasonal tomatoes, red biznaga cactus flowers 'cabuches', liquefied tomatoes, ancient Oaxaca cheese dressing, wild oregano vinaigrette
Echinocactus Platyacanthus, Lippia Graveolens

Sea Bass Quesï

Roasted pacific sea bass, beans pure, mixed medicinal herb green mole sauce
Porophyllum Ruderale, Dysphania Ambrosioides, Lippia Graveolens

Shrimp Tïïcï Haramara

Grilled San Blas bay shrimp, ancient dried shrimp gordita, Nayarit-style chile pasilla mixed sauce
Coriandrum Sativum, Dysphania Ambrosioides

Tuna Haramara

Semi-cured yellowfin tuna, wild cilantro, roasted mexican cactus, creamed broad bean purée
Coriandrum Sativum

Brook Trout Cuaisïïpari

Roasted brook trout served with mexican caviar, parsnip purée, agave beurre blanc sauce
Dysphania Ambrosioides

Wagu Beef Vacáxi

American New York wagyu, pickled baby vegetables, quintonil herb, smoked chile paste with maguey insect, roasted garlic sauce
Amaranthus Hybridus

Confit Turkey Áaru

Confit turkey for 12 hours, wild chard tamale, fresh local cheese whey, traditional dried chile chichilo mole
Persea Americana, Piper Auritum

Lamb Loin Muxá

Sous vide lamb loin, local roasted baby carrots, chickpea purée, spiced lamb consomme, agave sauce

Nogada Deconstruction Haacuucúri

Dried organic ancho chile, vegan cocotte of vegetables, spice coconut, agave sauce

Organic Vegetables Váxa

Corn tortilla with black beans 'Huarache', smoked organic vegetables, seasonal legumes, dried chile mexican and craft beer sauce

The Three 'Golds' of Mexico

Avocado chocolate mousse, vanilla cake, cacao pod filled with vanilla


Buttered brioche, cinnamon-spiced pastry cream candied peanuts, almonds, coconut, orange, cotija cheese ice cream

Mexique Chocolate

Chocolate cake, chocolate-lemon mousse, mexique cacao chocolate crème brulé, gluten-free chocolate cake, lemon sauce, lemon grass ice cream

Mango Chile

Mango sorbet with lemon cream, coriander seed crumble and tajin chili meringues

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