Outdoor Seating Area of Mezquite Restaurant-transition
Outdoor Seating Area of Mezquite Restaurant


From its namesake mesquite wood, our restaurant serves delicious seafood, steaks, chicken and more – all grilled to perfection. Dine amid palm trees and a warm breeze or along the ocean under the stars.


Breakfast and Lunch: 7 am – 11 am, daily
Dinner: 5 pm – 11 pm, daily


Hours are subject to change. Please confirm with concierge.

outdoor dining area by the beach at night


Fruits & Grains

Apple Oatmeal

Cinnamon, soy milk, raisins, local honey

Homemade Granola

Local grilled pineapple, agave honey, Mexican vanilla yogurt

Local & Seasonal Fruit Plate

Local citrus honey, toasted almonds, yogurt

Passion Fruit Chia Pudding

Greek yogurt, sunflower seed, berry compote

Pancakes & French Toast


Goat milk cajeta, almond, berries, syrup, banana
3 pieces

Mezquite French Toast

Apple, kiwi, coconut, passion fruit, worcestershire sauce

On the Side

One Egg Any Style

Heirloom Tomatoes


Seasonal Fruits

Breakfast Proteins

Pork sausage, cecina, ham, apple wood bacon

Eggs & Specialties

Two Organic Eggs Any Style

Wedge potato with arugula salad, heirloom tomatoes
2 pieces

Shakshuka with Feta

Tomato, roasted pepper sauce, parsley
2 pieces

Egg White Omelette

Sunflower & pumkin seeds, spinach, asparagus, cherry tomato, goat cheese

Mezquite Benedict

English muffin, truffled hollandaise sauce, grilled asparagus
2 pieces

Egg White Frittata

Roasted bell peppers, spinach, red onion, avocado, arugula salad

Avocado Toast

Basil, poached egg, quinoa, cream cheese, lemon

Salmon Toast

Smoked salmon, cucumber, compote cherry tomato, gremolata


Green sauce, sour cream, queso fresco, onion

Smoothies & Beverages

Banana Smoothie

Banana & peanut smoothie, almond milk, agave honey

Berry Smoothie

Mixed berry smoothie, orange juice, honey, yogurt

Fresh Juice

Freshly squeezed & pressed orange juice, grapefruit, green juice of the day


Rey Guacamole

Mexican pico de gallo, homemade totopos chips, homemade crispy pork chicharrón

Loaded French Fries

Skin-on potato fries, corn 'esquites', botanera sauce, aged cheese sauce

Grilled Nopales

Mixed greens, grilled cactus, ranchero cheese, spicy tomato vinaigrette

Chocolata Clams

Salsa de cantina, fresh chocolata clam, pressed pickles
1/2 dozen

Tuna Tostada

Yellowfin tuna, cilantro emulsion & oyster sauce, fresh organic chives, guajillo powder, watermelon

Mexican Crudites

Peeled and sliced cucumber, jicama, pineapple, lemon juice, chile tajin

Seasonal Greens

Local lettuce mix, green mango dressing, local strawberries, seasonal citrus, zucchini seeds


Sea salt, lime wedges, cilantro mignonette
Choice of chilled or raw

'San Blas' Shrimp Aguachile

Cucumber, red onion, cilantro, cherry tomato, serrano chile

Wonder Bowls

Ultramar Tuna

Yellowfin tuna, soy & oyster sauce, brown rice, roasted vegetables

Grilled Prime

Grilled and sliced sirloin, carrots, black bean cream, queso ranchero, wheat, beef, pasilla chile jus

Catch of the Day

Catch of the day, green adobo, grilled organic vegetables, slow-cooked wheat, poblano broth

Grilled Spring Chicken

Peanut mole, grilled baby corn, pozole corn, puffed amaranth


Nayarit shrimp, mole chichilo Oaxaca, slow-cooked farro with dried shrimp broth

Buns & Tacos

Mezquite Burger

Smoked bacon, aged cheddar cheese, house pickles, truffle sauce, onion bun
Choice of Wagyu or plant based grilled prime beef

Taco Del Mar

Catch of the day or shrimp, onion-garlic marinade, peppers, cilantro mayonnaise

Taco De Barbacoa

Slow cooked beef brisket, salsa roja, red corn tortilla, aged cheese

Torta Ahogada

24 hour smoked pork carnitas, birote bun marinated with salsa roja, house pickles

Taco De Lechón

Slow-cooked suckling pig, rustic green sauce, pickled onion, garlic citrus sauce

Taco De Pulpo

Grilled octopus, red adobo, vegetable escabeche, creamy charred avocado, black chile sauce

Wood Fired Grill

Grilled Octopus

Slow-cooked bay octopus, garlic marinade

Spring Chicken

Citrus and herb marinated organic spring chicken, morita chile rub


Prime grilled marinated skirt steak, sea salt

Yellowfin Tuna

Local fresh yellowfin tuna, achiote adobo


Catch of the day local whole fish or jumbo shrimp



Tomato onions and garlic


Cilantro, onions, herb oil, vinegar


Dried chiles, garlic, roasted peanuts


Grilled mango, onions, pumpkin seeds


Cilantro, peppers, onions, lime


Grilled vegetables & baby leeks

Organic tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, cilantro vinaigrette

Roasted baby potatoes, confit garlic, herbs

Potato or sweet potato fries

Skin-on smashed potato purée


Sorbets & Ice Cream

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or pistachio ice cream; coconut or lime sorbet

Apple Pie

Baked apple pie with puff pastry base and vanilla ice cream

Panna Cotta

Yogurt and white chocolate panna cotta, strawberry reduction, fresh strawberries, lemongrass ice cream

Pistachio and Strawberry Vacherin

Strawberry and pistachio ice cream vacherin, sponge cake, meringue, red fruit sauce


Fresh San Blas Oysters

Charred lemon wedges, cilantro mignonette

Baked Oysters

Baked oysters, creamy spinach, citrus breadcrumbs


Cold smoked prime beef, organic tomato, artisanal smoked cheese, potato brioche bread


Yellowfin tuna, charred habanero sauce, cucumber & cured red onion, mango from Sinaloa

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Low temperature poached jumbo shrimp, smoked tomato cocktail sauce, chile oil

Bone Marrow & Carnitas

Beef bone marrow, octopus carnitas, black beans purée, onion salad

Roasted Beet

Local organic leaves, charred beetroot, rainbow beets, fresh requeson cheese, hibiscus & cinnamon vinaigrette

Charred Avocado

Tortillas and hoja santa, mixed seeds and nuts 'Macha' sauce & quelites edible plant

Smoked Burrata

Burrata, grilled and smoked organic tomatoes, charred leaves, cheese dressing with basil

Wood Oven Grill Specialties

Black angus beef 8oz, organic vegetables, garlic, mustard potatoes, aged tequila pepper pan sauce

Whole grilled spring chicken, grilled green beans, citrus gastrique, bacon

24 hour smoked short rib, sautéed wild mushrooms, cooking jus and wine reduction

Bomba rice, roasted beef cheek, grilled asparagus, guajillo demi-glace

Traditional Zarandeado Style Seafood

Served with creamy corn 'esquites' & seasonal micro salad & grilled roots

Catch of the Day

Nayarit style zarandeado marinade, grilled pepper sauce

Sinaloa Fish

Grilled trout, Nayarit style zarandeado marinade, herb crumbs, mango habanero sauce

San Blas Shrimp

Grilled head-on shrimp, Nayarit style zarandeado marinade, herb crumbs, mango habanero sauce

Grilled Octopus

Slow-cooked octopus, Nayarit style zarandeado marinade, artisanal chimichurri

Yellowfin Tuna

Fresh yellowfin tuna, Nayarit style zarandeado marinade, garlic-citrus ajillo sauce


Organic cauliflower, Nayarit style zarandeado marinade, guacamole hummus, yogurt peanut sauce

Prime Cuts


Fillet Mignon

New York


USDA Prime Rib Eye

Wagyu Mishima

American Wagyu New York

American Wagyu Rib Eye

Add On's

Black Truffle

Bone marrow, caramelized onion & aromatic beef jus, garlic confit


Sautéed foie gras, lyophilized strawberries, guajillo hibiscus glace

Black Truffle Natural

Oaxaca & goat cheese, tartufo & black truffle oil


Bean Mushroom Barbacoa

Sautéed wild local mushrooms, beef jus & caramelized onions, fresh cilantro

Field Veggies

Grilled seasonal vegetables, sea salt, herbs

Bien Camote

Puréed sweet potato, garlic butter, cheese crust

Mashed Potatoes

Rustic mashed potato with smoked queso asadero cheese

Creamy Spinach

Blue cheese vegan mayonnaise, garlic & onions confit


Skin-on potatoes or sweet potato, truffle oil, local cheese crumble, fresh herbs

Baked Potato

Lime crema, crispy bacon, chives & butter

Organic Carrots

Roasted baby carrots, orange, fennel, roasted sunflower seeds


Smoked Pepper Jus

Creamy Bisque

Hoja Santa Bernaise

Artisanal Garlic



Grilled Pineapple

Roasted pineapple slices, coconut ice cream, coriander seed crumble

Mezcal Parfait

Iced mezcal cream (parfait), orange sauce, flamed meringue

Vegan Coffee Flan

Compostela coffee custard, coconut milk, liquor 43, chocolate cake

Mamey Crème Brulee

Red fruits, almond tile


Chocolate sauce, cinnamon and vanilla sauce

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