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Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona

Rooftop Terrace Bar

Dining and drinks

Aürt Restaurant

Aürt is a strong blow, an intense gastronomic hit, where the main ingredient is emotion. Michelin-starred Catalan chef, Artur Martinez’s very own gastronomic story told in a profound encounter of proximity and simplicity. In Aürt, creative gastronomy with heart has found a home, and it’s up close and personal. There’s nowhere for the ingredients, the chef’s team, or the guests, to hide. The DNA of everyday food is laid bare, in front of an exclusive audience of just 15 guests. This is Aürt at the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona where you can experience the extraordinary sense of theatre played out. Fresh ingredients cast in the principal roles; seasonal, authentic and locally sourced. Aürt captures the energy and vigour that’s an absolute prerequisite in the pursuit of perfection; tapas dishes prepared by a skilled technician. Genuine and passionate, the chef will tell the stories and traditions that accompany every dish, while meticulous methods are explained, to create a rare and in

Ma'i Snacks and Drinks

Ma’i is the tireless search for origin; a belief that when you understand an ingredient’s roots, you begin to discover its very essence. So you’ll discover in Ma’i, a more informal experience, yet absolutely nothing is casually prepared. Three distinct areas each with a different take on Catalan food and drink are open throughout the day: Infusion – artisan coffee, gastronomic infusions and pure fruit presses, pastries and cakes prepared and served by baristas, who share a passion for traceability and an ingredient’s origin. Fermentation – regional wine and craft beers are served by a knowledgeable sommelier at a tasting table where guests can discover tantalising appetisers, tapas and bold new pairings. Distillation – long drinks and distillates served with tapas and finger food dishes prepared and shared, overlaid by conversations inspired by the bar’s theatrical cocktail preparation. Ma’i is where intense flavours come alive – tapas, snacks and drinks that bring to life the ga

Purobeach Barcelona

Purobeach Barcelona is a perfect seasonal place to spend the day and enjoy a relaxed meal with friends, either by the seasonal outdoor pool, in our terrace or at our restaurant. The menu ranges from fresh salads and lobsters to our fabulous Puro Burger. Healthy options include a great range of salads, woks, fresh smoothies, healthy drinks and fruit plates. From the bar, Purobeach Barcelona offers a variety of Puro Cocktails, the best international spirits, liquors, wines and champagne and certainly, our Puro Wine Collection. The menu and dishes are casual and fresh, influenced by our M3 Cuisine - Miami, Marrakech and Melbourne. For bookings please contact us at info.barcelona@purobeach.com

Room Service

Enjoy a Premium beef Burger or a delicious Japanese Ramen soup with vegetables in the comfort of your room. Children will love the Veal scaloppini with French fries, while you try our Wok of Noodles with vegetables and Yakisoba sauce. *Alcoholic drinks are served 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The Breakfast Restaurant

Our guests and locals enjoy this modern Barcelona restaurant. The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine and always uses the freshest, seasonal ingredients from local sources. Our Sommelier is always on hand to help you choose from the extensive wine list to accompany your meal at this stylish Barcelona restaurant.