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Hampton Inn Parsippany

Ruth Chris Steak House Dining Room

Dining and drinks


Apotheca - Lounge

The apotheca was the repository for fine wines, botanicals, herbs and spices. Originated first by the “Guild of Pepperers”, eventually it was the apothecary who was charged with creating remedies and elixirs for medicinal and other purposes.Our apotheca is tribute to the modern day pharmaceuticals which developed from humble beginnings. It is fitting that our modern day apotheca is located in Morris County, the “World’s Medicine Chest”, where in the 19th century upstart German and Swiss pharmaceutical companies first established East Coast operations. Today these well known companies are joined by over 50 members of the Fortune 500 whose tenacious spirit for innovation and comfort inspire us.

Ruth Chris Steak House Dining Room

Ruth's Chris Steak House

Savor tantalizing fine-dining options, or enjoy tasteful cocktails at the bar area, when you visit Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Meals at Ruth’s Chris are made with locally-gathered produce, fresh-squeezed juices and USDA Prime steaks. If you’re looking for delectable drinks, lunch, dinner or dessert options, visit our on-site restaurant.