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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Qingdao-Jimo

OPEN Restaurant

Dining and drinks


Located on the ground floor next to the Reception, CHA is the hotel’s inviting lobby lounge. Specializing in varieties and blends from around the world, here guests can experience new ways of embracing and understanding the unique qualities of tea. CHA transforms from a relaxed tea bar during the day, to a vibrant lounge serving a variety of alcoholic beverages in the evening, thanks to innovative panels that rotate and can be hidden away. The “living room” of the hotel, CHA provides the perfect space to hold an informal business meeting, meet with friends for a refreshing drink and a tempting pastry, or indulge in a signature cocktail before dinner.


OPEN offers a flexible, all-day dining solution with an independent spirit, and an exciting live cooking experience to guests. Enjoy a fresh, urban approach to dining and be inspired to enjoy OPEN’s fun and engaging atmosphere— no matter the occasion or appetite. Savor delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, expertly prepared using locally sourced and regionally important ingredients. At OPEN we serve a huge variety of ethnically inspired food and drink, with an emphasis on authenticity, taste and healthy eating.
OPEN Restaurant


Izakaya’s are known as casual, down-to-earth places where men drank sake and beer after a hard days’ work. The name "izakaya" is a compound word comprising "i" (to stay) and "sakaya" (sake shop); at Sakaya this is true as the place truly comes alive late in the afternoon, with a lively atmosphere that continues throughout the night.

Enter through a small door decorated with Japanese lanterns; inside you will be delighted to discover a stylish, contemporary izakaya which still retains the traditional essence of an authentic izakaya. Sample drinks from the extensive sake and beer menu as you savor an array of charcoal grilled items, fresh sushi and sashimi - as well as a selection of dishes that are meant to be shared. Choose to eat at the bar in view of the chefs as they prepare fresh yakitori and sashimi, or enjoy your meal in the relaxed dining area.

SAKAYA Restaurant


With a name meaning "the seal belonging to the emperor", Yuxi takes inspiration from the authentic sense of tradition that is so important in Chinese culture and culinary heritage. Enter the dramatic corridor beyond the massive main doors and you will be immersed in an atmosphere of modern elegance. Individual private dining rooms line the main corridor, offering an intimate and sophisticated dining experience. Savor delicious dishes that combine regional Cantonese specialties with local flavors and cooking techniques from the hotel’s province. Whether ordering a signature dish of beggar’s chicken or a bold, flavorsome soup, you are guaranteed to be treated to an expertly prepared, authentic regional meal.
Yuxi Restaurant Dining
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