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My 9 Things: What I packed for the 64th GRAMMY Awards

Hilton art director J’Nay Penn shares her most essential items for a star-studded weekend at the 64th GRAMMY Awards. | By J’Nay Penn | May 5, 2022

What do you do when life (read: work) gives you GRAMMYs tickets? Easy, you go! For Hilton art director J’Nay Penn that dream became a reality when she jetted off for a working weekend (and her first West Coast trip) in Las Vegas. From walking the red carpet to running around the event shooting video and photography, the entire weekend was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. J’Nay told us, “Hilton empowered an exceptional experience at the GRAMMY Awards and I got to be a part of sharing that story with our audiences around the world.”

While we can’t guarantee your next business trip will include a red carpet, we can promise that these packing tips will ensure you’re well-equipped to work AND play hard. Here’s what J’Nay packed for a star-studded weekend away, as told to Hilton:

J’Nay Penn is a passionate digital content creator who enjoys reading, collecting vintage enamel pins and spending as much time as possible in the US Virgin Islands, where she was born and raised. She previously was an art director within Hilton's in-house Creative Studio.