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My 9 Things: What I packed for my honeymoon after my surprise wedding went viral

TikTokers extraordinaire Michael Barber and Samuel Weeks share their nine essential items for a dream getaway in paradise. | By Michael Barber and Samuel Weeks | April 21, 2022

When 7.5 million people see your engagement, you're going to want a peaceful honeymoon.

That’s how it was for Michael Barber and Samuel Weeks after their engagement went viral on TikTok. The couple is no stranger to surprises: Samuel used his 30th birthday as a way to surprise Michael with a proposal. While Samuel had six months to plan for that event, Michael returned the favor with a surprise wedding planned in just 23 days at SUMMIT, Conrad Washington, DC’s 11th floor rooftop event terrace and bar.

For their honeymoon, the now-famous couple didn’t need any unknowns. They knew that they wanted to find privacy, relaxation and sunshine in droves.

They also wanted to go somewhere they had never been before. The answer? Zemi Beach House, LXR Hotels & Resorts. Michael told us “Zemi Beach House checked all our boxes — an absolutely beautiful location devoid of any tourist traps sitting on six acres of the most stunning beach in Anguilla. And we heard that the Anguillan hospitality was second-to-none. Zemi and the island delivered in every way.”

What do you pack to find peace in paradise? Here are the nine things Michael and Samuel packed for their tropical honeymoon in paradise, as told to Hilton:

Michael Barber and Samuel Weeks reside in Bethesda, Maryland with their dog, Manny. Samuel is a hair stylist and Michael is a marketing consultant.